10 piece alarm kit

Can I combine 2 10 piece alarm kit to make one system? Instead of having just 6 contact sensors, I can have 12 or 2 keypads instead of 1

@fred93311 wrote:

Can I combine 2 10 piece alarm kit to make one system? Instead of having just 6 contact sensors, I can have 12 or 2 keypads instead of 1

Hello @fred93311 ,

It sounds like you are considering two alarm kits mainly to get the extra sensors and extra keypad, and if that’s true, I would not buy two complete alarm kits for that reason, thinking it’s a cost saving. I’ve not ever thought about purchasing two 10-piece Ring Alarm kits to get more Contact Sensors, Motion Sensors, and an extra Keypad, BUT then you would have two Alarm Base Stations (Base Station is the most expensive part of the alarm system) and you only need one Base Station. I’m just guessing now, and I think you could use both base stations separately, kind of forming two independent ‘zones’ so-to-speak, but I don’t of anyone who has done that, nor what it would be like with the ease to access or control on your Ring App, or if it is even possible. A single Base Station can handle 99 sensors, so that shouldn’t be a worry about limiting your future expansion for sensors.

I’m assuming you are in the US or Canada which means you may want to consider purchasing the 14-piece Ring Alarm, to get 3 additional Contact sensors, the extra Keypad, and Z-Wave Range Extender:


And on https://shop.ring.com/ you can find extra Sensors you can purchase individually (or in "Packs of 2 or 6).

Also, you are thinking about cost savings AND you already own a Ring device (without a Ring Protect Plan or only currently with the Ring Protect Plan “Basic”) I would first purchase or change to subscribe to the Ring Protect Plan “Plus” before buying my alarm system. If already on “Basic” Plan, no worries there because Ring will pro-rate a refund on your “Basic” plan when you buy the upgraded “Plus” plan. You can purchase the “Plus” either by using your Ring App or online at https://shop.ring.com/pages/protect-plans

Once you do have the upgraded “Plus” plan, this will make you eligible for a 10% discount on your alarm system, and also includes more “extras”:

  • 10% Discount off selected products!!!
  • Video History for 60 days (some countries only 30).
  • Video Saving & Sharing.
  • Snapshot Capture/storage for 7 days.
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring.
  • Celluar backup for alarm.
  • Extended Warranties on all your devices (while maintaining “Plus”).

So you could take advantage of purchasing your extra Keypad, sensors, or cameras at a discount! Again, if you are in the US, before you buy any Ring product, so many people are unaware that Ring also offers up to another 20% off discount, if you fall into one of these groups:

Through VerifyPass:

                           - Military: Includes Active Duty, Veterans & Dependents.

                           - Responder: Includes Police, Fire and EMT.

                           - Medical: Includes Doctors, Nurses & medical staff.

                           - Teacher: Includes Pre-K, K-12 and Professors.

                           - Student: Includes Students with an eligible e-mail.

                           - Senior: Includes Senior citizens (55+).

                 Here is the link to get you started, if you are in one of these groups:


For additional savings, you have the option of using a mix of both Generation 1 devices (sensors, kepads, etc.) at a lower cost with your Generation 2 devices.


More information about the differences between the Gen 1 Keypad and the Gen 2 Keypad:

If you like more information about the Keypad Gen 1:



But I feel the improvements in the Gen 2 over the Gen 1 Motion Sensor are worth the extra cost in critical home locations, unless the “Dwell-Time” differences and other differences in features still will sufficiently provide the coverage protect that satisfy your needs (for example, like using a Gen 1 sensor in your garage). More information about “Dwell-Time” for both the Gen 1 and Gen 2 are in this link:


So, you had asked, "Can I combine 2 10-piece alarm kit to make one system? " and I think you meant you just wanted more sensors and a keypad at a lower cost. You can add many more devices to a single Base Station, and can buy the extra devices individually or in “Packs.” And I hope this information has provided you with the several potential alternatives ways to save you even more money. :slight_smile:


Thank you. You gave me good some good thoughts.