1- ring doorbell pro 2 and two mechanical chimes

I’m moving to a new home soon and they currently have a Ring Video Doorbell 2 installed. I picked up a Ring Pro 2 to upgrade this older model. Inside they have two mechanical chimes hooked up to one doorbell. I’m assuming they are piggybacked to each other, but it’s possibly that they’re both running directly to the doorbell also. Will one pro power kit installed do the trick or should I install one on each chime to be safe? I found some accessory kits on Amazon that say they include a pro power kit. So I can buy another if necessary.

Also hoping I don’t need to switch out older chimes inside and they’re compatible.

Good question @Tony8959! In most cases when two chimes exist in a home, they will be controlled by the same button, and likely wired in series with one another. If your original press button was able to ring both chime kits simultaneously, this is a great sign that these are wired together. This can also be confirmed by the number of wires at your door, as two individually and separately wired chime kits would then need to run their own wires to the door, whereas a normal configuration would leave you with the normal two wires at the door.

For the common scenario, only 1 Pro Power Kit is necessary. Check out our Wiring Diagrams for an illustration of intended installation with 1 Pro and 2 chime kits. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: