1 door sensor has different alam siren tone

When I open my one door when my system is armed, there is the normal alarm siren that goes off. When I open my other door when armed, it is a faint beeping sound. That is not helpful if I’m in another area of the house. I want it to have the full alarm siren. The firmware is up-to-date and my base, keypad, and extender are all connected.

Hey @Thebrunners0312. Are you stating that one Contact Sensor is setting off your Ring alarm and the other one is not, or that they have different chirp tones? You can check what chirp tone your Contact Sensor has by going into the Ring app > Main Menu > Devices > Alarm Base Station > Contact Sensor > Chirp Tones.

If you are having one sensor set off the alarm and the other is not, you may need to update your sensor that is not setting off the alarm immediately to a secondary door. You can manage this under the Alarm Base Station > Contact Sensor > Gear icon at the top right > Placement! If it is a Main Door, there will be a delay in your system and your Contact Sensor will still chirp, but a Secondary Door will immediately siren the alarm if armed!