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Transformer voltage Poor, ring doorbell pro not working

I’ve been using a doorbell pro for 5 years now, to make it work I had to upgrade my transformer to support the voltage requirement. I bypass the mechanical chime with the power kit provided by Ring. The setup I have from this doc: Wiring Diagrams for Ring Wired Doorbell Plus (formerly Video Doorbell Pro) Setup is “One Ring Wired Doorbell Plus Direct to One Transformer”, the simplest one.

All worked just fine for 5 years, but recently, my ring doorbell would go offline randomly and the message in device health says: Transformer voltage Poor, 8V. I tested the voltage at the back of the camera: 18V, at the chime level where the it is: 18V, at the Transformer level: 20V. Okay so there was a malfunction somewhere from the breaker to the doorbell.
To be safe, I also tested the bandwidth at the place where the doorbell is with the ring website and I have outstanding bandwidth up/down load wise. besides my router is in plain sight not blocked by anything (besides the glass transoms) and less than 20 feet away.

So I went ahead and talked to support and they said it’s a device issue, okay. I bought a new device. few hours later, same thing happens, the camera goes offline and never come back. The only way to get it back is to reset the breaker. Before, doing that I tested the voltage and same thing: 18V even though the app reports 8V at the times the doorbell went offline.

At that point I’m starting to have trust issues: I replaced the power kit with a brand new one: same thing happens (always after a few hours). Now, I even replaced the transformer with the one Ring sells, same thing happens.

I really don’t know what to do next, I replaced everything I could at this point. Should I test the breaker? It also serves my garage doors, and those are working fine, the cables perhaps? How can I know for sure.

Thank you!




11-02-2024 11:30:02

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Hi @JBB27519. It’s possible there’s an issue along the doorbell circuit itself. If there are any loose or frayed wires, these could prevent the Doorbell Pro from receiving sufficient power. If possible, can you please share a picture of how the Pro Power Kit is installed? The Pro Power Kit is necessary in the installation, as it ensures that the Doorbell Pro is receiving sufficient power.


13-02-2024 11:50:17


There was a pro power kit installed before and I replaced it as well with a brand new one. I followed thoroughly the instructions and the cables are very well tucked in the slots.

It’s been a few days and besides the power issue happening once it hasn’t re-happened yet, so maybe the transformer was culprit. I’ll post an update soon.


17-02-2024 12:55:12

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