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Ring Pro and Mechanical Chime = Ring restarts

Had my Ring Pro since late 2016 so it’s 7 years old. The Ring itself has worked fine for many years but the mechanical chime has never worked quite right. Sometimes it would make a half-hearted ding-dong, sometimes it was silent. Although annoyed I wasn’t motivated enough to look into it.

Fast forward to about 3 weeks ago and my Ring goes offline and stays that way unless I disconnect the power from it for a little bit and then reconnect it. It gets back online, video works, until someone rings the doorbell - then it goes offline again.

After some research here is what I have done so far:

  • Replaced builder grade 16v 10Va builder grade transformer with a 16v 30Va model from Home Depot. Mechanical chime now works but doorbell still goes offline when the button is pushed.
  • Installed a replacement Ring Power Kit v2. I had an old v1. This doesn’t seem to have changed behavior at all.

While I don’t see any markings on the mechanical chime itself it looks like a Newhouse CHM3D inside and out which is on the Ring compatible models list.

For now I’ve told the Ring not to ring the mechanical chime and this seems to allow the doorbell to not restart.

Do I have a bad mechanical chime - maybe a defective Ring Pro? I’m at a bit of a dead end. Thank you!




16-12-2023 09:21:41

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Hi @APK17. Replacing the transformer and checking that the Pro Power Kit is properly installed were both great troubleshooting steps to take. Try resetting the Doorbell Pro completely by holding down the setup button for 20 seconds. After the reset is complete, walk through a new set up in the Ring app using the steps under Set Up a Device. Adjust the settings as needed, including the chime settings.

If the Doorbell still disconnects when the button is pressed, it could indicate a power issue along the doorbell circuit, or an issue with the Pro itself. In that case, it would be best to follow up with our support team for more in-depth troubleshooting assistance.


19-12-2023 07:54:04

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