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Problems with echo show under shared account
Hi I have installed a ring doorbell with me as the primary account holder. I succefully linked it to an echo show which I temporarily changed to my own alexa account. It worked perfectly and would respond to a door bell press as selected in the alexa app. It is however, my wife's alexa show. I changed the alexa show back to my wife's account. I invited her as a shared user of the ring account and she accepted this and set up her own ring account on her phone. She registered the alexa skill on the echo show which is now back on her account. She has installed the ring skill on her alexa app. In her alexa app on her phone the ring doorbell shows. Both motion and doorbell press anouncements are toggled on. All of her alexa devices are selected as announcment devices. However, when the doorbell is pressed there is no announcement on any of her alexa devices including the show. This all worked on my account as primary holder but not on her account as shared user. However, the echo show will connect to the ring doorbell when verbally instructed to do so on her account. On her phone, on her account, the ring app is working perfectly and responding to all alerts. Looking through the website it seems there should not be any limitation to a shared user in terms of linked alexa devices so I am at a loss here.




22-02-2023 07:20:48

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Hi @user37221. It is intended for the Alexa skill to be linked with the Doorbell by the Owner of the Doorbell and not the Shared User. If the Shared User tries to link the Doorbell to Alexa then you can have issues like the one you are experiencing. If you would like this to work correctly, I recommend reverting it back to how you originally did your setup.


24-02-2023 05:37:14

Thanks for the explaination. Do you know then if I can change the owner of the ring doorbell as well as the paid account?


02-03-2023 08:14:08

Hi @user37221. Yes, you are able to remove the device from your account and have someone else set up the Doorbell to become the owner. This Help Center [article](https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/360038010351-How-to-Take-Over-or-Change-Ownership-of-a-Ring-Device) will provide you with more details on how to do so. Also, Ring Protect Plans will not transfer over to another account, you will have to cancel your subscription for your Ring Protect Plan on Ring.com, and the new owner of the Doorbell will have to start a new subscription. You will be partially refunded for the time that is not used when you cancel your plan.


03-03-2023 03:59:50

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02-04-2023 04:00:32

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