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Large delay on audible ring sound after button press

I recently installed a wired video doorbell and chime, and am still in the free trial period for Ring Protect.

The majority of the time the devices work absolutely fine. However I’ve had several instances now where somebody has walked up the drive, I’ve had a notification of a Person Detected on my phone immediately, so I know the connection is good. They then press the door bell, but nothing happens - the doorbell itself doesn’t make a sound and neither does the chime or any of my connected Alexa devices.

As I’ve had the Person Detected notification I go and open the door anyway. Then around 20 to 30 seconds later the doorbell will make it’s ring sound and so will the chime.

Before I get the “check your RSSI” remark, both the doorbell and the chime are within 2 metres of my router. Their RSSI is typically 50 to 53. The fact that it immediately notifies me that it’s detected a person on the drive would suggest the connection is fine. So why the large delay when they actually press the doorbell before a sound is made?

My gut feeling is there’s a flawed logic somewhere in the firmware/ server side, whereby if it’s busy recording the person it’s just detected, it then locks out the process to actually respond to the button press.

Is this a known fault? How can I fix? I’m reluctant to subscribe to Ring Protect after the free trial ends if I’ve got a doorbell that doesn’t function as a doorbell.

As I say, most of the time it’s fine, but this has occurred several times now and it’s putting me off the device.




12-12-2023 04:12:57

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Hi @cdm20. Just to completely rule out any network factors, try connecting the doorbell to a WiFi hotspot. If the behavior persists while connected to a WiFi hotspot, then we can dive deeper. If the behavior goes away, we can start to diagnose things with your network. Also, just to confirm, we’re talking about the sound that comes from the doorbell when the button is pressed and not a notification or chime ring, correct?


14-12-2023 04:54:26

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