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Can anyone help me sort out a battery drain issue?

We recently bought a ring doorbell because we’ve had some issues with our neighbours and other people harassing us, so we wanted to get these incidents on camera when they occur. The police recommended Ring doorbell, so we bought one. And so far, its been useful.

The only problem is, it missed several events when set to “Regularly” check for motion with 60 second recordings, it was only capturing events roughly every 10 to 15 minutes. And since we need it to capture events to get proof of the harassment, we changed it to “Frequently” but this seems to use up a whole lot of battery, we’re needing to charge it every couple of days?
We live in a terraced property that is facing a busy road, so its always capturing movement. But even when I change the smart capture zone to just capture the pavement, which is what we need, its power is still draining very very fast. We’ve got a 2nd Generation Ring Doorbell and have it connected to a Solar Charger that gets the recommended amount of sun daily, but its doing nothing to slow the battery drain.
I really could do with some advice here, Google has been useless. What are we supposed to do to make sure it does what we need? From what I’ve seen, even hardwiring it won’t stop our problems. I’m absolutely stumped. Please help.
Thank you.




07-04-2024 10:24:53

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Hi @Zarosian. Since capturing motion in front of your Doorbell is crucial, I would recommend keeping your frequency set to Frequent. The downside of this setting is that it will cause the battery to drain a lot more quickly, even if it has a Solar Panel attached to it. You did mention that you adjusted your Motion Zones but that is not the only setting you can adjust to help it pick up motion that is just in front of your Doorbell. I recommend lowering your Motion Sensitivity. Also, turn on your Smart Alerts and set it to record and alert for people only. If these options do not help, a hardwired Doorbell might be a better option for your situation than a battery-operated one.


09-04-2024 05:59:49

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