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Malfunction Security. Terrible customer service & warranty

Im very disappointed with the Rings Security Camera product. Since 2021, I owned a Ring Door Pro security camera and a backyard Ring flood light Security Camera. For some reason both camera started malfunctioning last month. Now both camera started has a few second gap in the beginning every time it’s start recording. Also when it raining or fog outside, the background Flood light camera just started to have a fog mist when recording. My backyard flood camera is under a cover under of my roof to keep it safe from any rain or bad weather. I called Ring customer service about the defective camera. Twice they indicated they will email my on my camera issue and replacement out come. I have not heard from them. I then call them the third time and they informed me they can only give a 30% discount on my next camera purchase. I informed them, why would I want to buy another security camera from them if it only last for a couple of years. I informed them would you buy the same product again that malfunction in a couple of year. They replied, with no and they understand and feel bad. I told them that sound stupid to buy something again that broke down before. Make no sense. I also have another brand security camera for 4yrs with no subscription bc it’s has it own SD card memory. I never had one problem with this camera and it was way less than the ring. Ring customer service would not replace my malfunction cameras so I told them I will cancer my subscription and throw their camera in the garbage. I’m better off with my other brand camera. Do not buy Ring cameras unless you willingly to continue to buy replacement cameras in a few years. strong text




02-01-2024 09:45:37

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Hi @user73204. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t have the best experience with our support team. Ring Cameras intended for outdoor use are weather-resistant, but not weather proof. Inclement weather may impact your device’s performance and could even cause damage. Our support team will always run through all applicable troubleshooting steps with any concerns you have, and then review your device’s warranty to determine the best solution.


04-01-2024 08:42:13

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