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2 New Wireless Spotlight cams installed today and has bad night vision
I bought a whole setup, 2 spotlight wireless cams and 2 solar panels and everything was setup today. The daytime viewing is great but once 5:39pm comes the viewing all goes downhill on both the front yard cam and the backyard cam. I attached 2 screenshots. I am not happy after spending all this money because it is needed more for night and not daytime and seems to be useless with the quality. For $200 a camera, 2 batteries and solar panels I expected to get my money's worth and not this. My internet connection is fine, I have a good internet speed of close to 300 mps. It is not my $200 cable modem/router as I followed the suggestions and checked the channel. Am I stuck with this being like this for the $600+ I spent or can something be done? The cameras are both installed onto the overhang of my house roof so they get no direct light that would cause this blurry mess so I really do not understand this very poor quality for such expensive devices. I mean if I didn't want good quality I could have just bought something cheaper. ![279A46A8-3E28-4955-82E8-9FFAFE041783.jpeg|1644x935](upload://ditYpGqmaEtXPv1woZTtJUY6843.jpeg) ![11177C05-B885-4974-9FD3-030EB1DAF2F8.jpeg|1668x938](upload://ngYar80vGLa1HE8V9No917owkBd.jpeg)




18-11-2019 12:58:34

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It looks to me that the IR light is more on the under hang than on the area. You can see how bright the under hang is. So the lights need to be angled lower. I have attached a photo of my wired floodlight. And I photo showing the new outside cam (showings cars). ![Screenshot_20191117-210408.jpg|2400x1080](upload://7l7NuwYZvOCzgdeFAKqpWV6tzNL.jpeg) ![Screenshot_20191117-210408.jpg|2400x1080](upload://7l7NuwYZvOCzgdeFAKqpWV6tzNL.jpeg) ![Screenshot_20191117-210324.jpg|2400x1080](upload://ygna1AW7RsfTx6r5bFnbrO25WWP.jpeg)


18-11-2019 02:07:24

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