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Protect Plus (1st Gen) - A question that hasn't been asked
All I can find are questions/concerns about the auto-migration from Protect Plus (1st Gen) to Protect Pro and these seem to be people who use the alarm features. In 2025, when the switch is made for us automatically, will there still be a Protect Plus (2nd Gen) option (I made up calling it 2nd Gen to make it easier to explain)? In other words, I only signed up for Protect Plus because I have 3 devices and want the cloud recording option. I even called the 800 number to ask if I can just remain on 2nd Gen (remember that is my made up name for it) for the same price. And if so, can you just migrate me to Protect Plus (2nd Gen) right now so I don't have to deal with it 2 years from now? The agent could not do it in his system and *may* call me back after he researches, but it was like I was asking a stupid question that doesn't make sense to the agent. The notification is as clear as mud for the call center agents just like it is for us (sneaky footnote to describe the auto-migration to Pro for crying out loud). Can someone from Ring/Amazon please state that there will be 3 total plan options? Basic, Plus (2nd Gen), Pro, and that Plus (2nd Gen)=Basic+Multidevices, and that Plus (2nd Gen) will remain the same price as Plus (1st Gen)? One of my devices just went out and I need to get a new one - now is the time for me to find a competitor if I can't be assured.




03-07-2023 08:35:21

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Hi @user49967. I'm not sure which Ring devices you have, as that could affect which Ring Protect plan you'd prefer. The [Ring Protect Plus (1st Gen)](https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/360061428551-Ring-Protect-Plus-1st-Gen-Information) provides access to Ring Alarm features such as Cellular Backup and Professional Monitoring. On September 28, 2021, changes were made to how the Ring Protect plans are structured. The Ring Protect Pro plan is now what provides access to those Ring Alarm features alongside some additional features for the Ring Alarm Pro. After January 1, 2025, your Protect Plus (1st Gen) will be changed to the Ring Protect Pro as the Protect Plus (1st Gen) will no longer exist. If you have a Ring Alarm system and want to continue utilizing Professional Monitoring, the Protect Pro plan is what you need. If you only have Doorbells or Cameras, you can work with our support team at that time to change to the Protect Plus plan. You can find a complete breakdown of each plan and which features are provided [here](https://ring.com/protect-plans) to determine which plan is the right fit for you based on what devices you have.


05-07-2023 04:32:12

How can you have a thread where you post a response and also mark it as a solution and I can't unselect it as a solution as the OP? That is not the answer to the question at all. It is rehashing every other post and FAQ on the Ring website.


11-07-2023 04:25:53

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