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Second Neighbors Location Feed Not Updating
1. I recently added Ring cameras to a second location. The Neighbors feed in the app for this new location populated with prior posts when I installed these cameras. Three and 1/2 weeks later, and there have been no new updates to that feed. This seems strange as there were > 10 items posted in the two weeks leading up to when I installed these cameras at the new location, but none since? For what it' worth, I am still in the trial period for the new location (do the Neighbors feeds not update during the trial period?). I do not see any new Neighbors updates at the new location since I installed them when I view on ring.com either. I have the basic protect plan at my original location and I am still receiving new Neighbors feeds and all seems to be working as intended for that location. Any suggestions? Thanks. 2. Also, unsure if this is a related issue or how the app actually works, but if I open the app and it's viewing the new location when opened, the Neighbors tile will note there's a new posted item, but it's for the original location. Is the app supposed to work this way, or is that Neighbors tile only supposed to alert you when the location selected has a new post?




26-06-2023 03:51:53

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Hi @BusterT. The Neighbors feed does not go off of your Ring Protect Plan, whether on a trial or subscribed. It is a free service. It could be possible that there are just no new updates with the settings you have now for Neighbors in that location. I suggest going to your Neighbor settings for that location, increasing the Neighborhood area, and allowing all alert types to see if you start getting updates for that location. If you do not start getting updates after changing the settings, then make sure your Ring app is up-to-date. Also, force-close the Ring app on your phone and reopen it. Let me know how this works out for you. As for your last question, the Neighbors tile works that way


27-06-2023 06:12:54

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