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Dual sim live view problem
Is there a solution already for the dual sim problem with live view?




30-07-2023 09:23:51

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Hi @user53010. I searched the Community and found a few different threads regarding a dual sim setup. As it is a unique configuration, it may require you to adjust your cellular settings. You can find some suggestions from other neighbors in the follow posts regarding this topic. https://community.ring.com/t/live-view-not-working-with-dual-sim/120865 https://community.ring.com/t/ring-app-not-working-with-dual-phone-lines-one-is-a-e-sim-temporary-solutions/190875


01-08-2023 06:38:25

Dual sim issues with Verizon and ATT on Iphone XsMax I have had Ring for several years now at 2 homes, San Diego, CA and Hot Springs, AR. Everything has been great With all 10 cameras until i needed to activate my dual simm. Having Verizon AND ATT on 1 iPhone XsMax has caused problems with Ring App. Having dual simms has made my coverage So much better everywhere and everything on Iphone works EXCEPT Ring App Live. I have to go to ring.com on Safari to view any live footage and by the time it connects, its TOO LATE. The App DOESN’T WORK “live” anymore. i have to place a call to view anything “LIVE” BUT then takes too long AND its “muted” because of the call. When i hang up, i lose the feed. ONLY if i turn OFF 1 of the simms, ATT or VERIZON will “live” work. Whats the point of Dual Simm if i have to turn one off. Dual simm has been available for several years now and THIS IS STILL AN ISSUE. PLEASE HELP SOLVE IT. I have called Apple, Verizon & ATT and they all verified that EVERYTHING is up to date and all functions work correctly and i am directed BACK to RING app development Im writing this review hopefully get the attention of Ring App developers so they can fix the problem. Many people now have Dual simms on their phone especially emergency personnel so they can have the widest coverage available. Please help and fix this DUAL SIMM issue. Just today 9/25/2023, after talking with ring technicians, i was told to do this regarding IPV4 vs IPV6: Thank you for taking the time to troubleshoot your Ring Device with us today. At this point, these would be the steps that are needed to get the live view properly working on your phone Essentially, your phone has two different kinds of connections to the internet it can do. Our devices work off of an IPv4 signal, which your phone isn’t connecting to when on your data. Where-as being connected to wifi is switching your phone back to ipv4 like proper. Your phone might automatically be switching to an IPv6 network while your phone is on data, which our devices cannot establish a proper connection to. In order to fix this, you can do one of the two following steps: 1. Contact apple support/AT&T and ask them to set your phone under an IPv4 network, and make sure it cannot switch to IPv6, or the other option, to do it manually, is On a Mac computer, download Apple Configurator from the Mac App Store In Configurator, go to File > New Profile (or Command+n) Fill out the General section, then go to Cellular and select Configure Under Configured APN Type, select Default and Data APNs Under Data APN Supported IP Versions, select IPv4. Sign and flash the profile to your phone I am hopeful to try this later this week when i have more time to research this. I have been dealing with this issue since about February this year when I initiated ATT on the dual Sim. Thanks Brad


26-09-2023 09:47:35

Have a customer with same issue. Disabling IPv6 is a work around, not a solution. Also, the way work around is described, it sounds like a potential issue with one cell provider. I think it would be best if Ring adapt to cell phone provider data "protocol"


26-10-2023 03:09:17

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25-11-2023 03:09:35

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