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Dangerous activity - Video denied in neighbors
Anybody else have some major issues with "neighbors" in the app? I tried to post a video of someone clearly trying to open my door and enter my house at midnight. I tried to post it to neighbors (to obviously alert the community to lock their doors), and it kept getting denied. I emailed them to ask the issues, and this was the response I received: "Posts about individuals approaching, knocking, ringing, or kicking the door and then running away were consistently flagged by the community as unhelpful, no matter the time of night of the occurrence. In response, we no longer permit this type of content." Can someone please explain to me how a stranger "kicking" somebody's door is not a threat, and not considered "helpful" by the community? If my door was unlocked when this stranger tried to open the door, what would have happened to me or my family? Nobody trying to open a door at midnight and run away has good intentions! NOBODY!! The fact that I couldn't even alert my neighbors to this just makes me IRK! So incredibly frustrating and something Ring needs to get corrected ASAP!




06-11-2023 08:31:35

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Hi @tcan32. The Ring Community team does not handle moderation of the Neighbors app. In the instance your post is removed from the Neighbors app, you can respond to the email you receive to inquire for further details from the Neighbors team. The Neighbors team will then reply with reasoning for why your post was removed, as they did in this case. You can also find the Neighbors Community Guidelines [here](https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004851266-Neighbors-by-Ring-Community-Guidelines) for reference. Thank you for sharing your feedback.


08-11-2023 07:40:46

HI @tcan32 and @Caitlyn_Ring Your answer to @tcan32 is not helpful at all. I have been having the same issues where multiple posts have been denied. These are Safety Issues. My posts did not violate any of the Guidelines. This is a bunch of baloney. We bought these Security Cameras for...SECURITY. Our home has been burglarized and Mail theft. Post's have been Denied when someone Trespasses on our property walking around our yard and being heard telling a stranger..yeah..nobody's home! That's not a Safety Concern? Really! A man wondering around the neighborhood with a Robe on and no shoes in the winter is not a Safety Concern? I Guess not, but someone posting. and I Quote "Did anyone hear a loud bang?" "Does anyone smell smoke?" "My Optimum Wi-Fi is out, Does anyone know why?","Helicopter overhead in circles, what's up? Anyone know what's going on?" Other post's saying a person walked across my lawn and over my driveway is allowed and NOT denied. ??? I have E-mailed the neighbors support team at communityalerts@cs.ring.com about my Denied Safety Concern Posts. They E-mailed me back with the same Guidelines trying to say my Posts do not meet their guidelines, which is absolutely not true. This is just a Roundabout Game that does not, and has not been resolved. If I haven't already purchased Ring Security Cameras I would definitely recommend buying another Brand of Security Cameras for anyone that has not yet purchased Security Camera's. Anyone else that is having these same issues of Denied Posts should also go onto Amazon and search for the Ring Store on Amazon and post your reviews on their Cameras and how irresponsible their Neighbors Community Service Team are. They are putting people in danger and not allowing Neighbors to report Real Safety Concerns..Something really bad is going to happen and Ring is going to be held responsible.


17-11-2023 02:22:03


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17-12-2023 02:22:21

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