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Why can’t I arm my alarm with main door open
Why can’t I arm my alarm with main door open. This is the most stupid missing function on this alarm system. I see from a previous post it has been requested for over 3 years, And your solution is to use quick exit 🤣. How about actually fixing the problem that is a problem. A simple request that could be fixed in a firmware update surely. Every alarm system I’ve ever had would allow you to arm with door open then arm once shut. How about implementing instant arm once main door is shut as an option.




09-04-2023 04:54:15

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Hi @user41892. Any sensors that is open when arming will require a bypass. In addition to the Quick Exit, you can also arm the alarm via the Ring app once you've exited the house.


11-04-2023 03:11:59

Why cant ring just fix this very simple problem, 3 years after it was first reported?! I have seen so many requests for this feature and all you ever say is "Oh just set the alarm from your phone" NO! I want to set it from the keypad before i leave, just as I have been able to do with ever other alarm system I have ever owned! Can you explain to me what is so difficult about this? When I am getting the kids in the car, I dont want to have to shut the front door and I dont want to have to fiddle around with my phone. This must be something you could easily resolve with a firmware upgrade? Come on ring, this is seriously letting you down now on an otherwise very good system


13-04-2023 12:46:52

I agree, just bought and set up today to replace my old Yale and found the same thing - you can’t arm with the front door open without bypassing it - this is CRAZY and so irritating - I’m tempted to take it all down again and return it - Ring, please can this be fixed


25-05-2023 08:27:54

Hi @user41892, I have never owned an alarm that allowed me to arm the alarm with an open circuit in the system (e.g. "the front door open"). Why would you want your alarm to be able to be armed when there is a fault in the system? Ring appropriately warns you there is a fault and asks you if you want to do a system bypass.


10-06-2023 02:43:45

There is no fault in the system. It's just a open door when you start the countdown. The system is not armed before the countdown is finished. Then if the door is open its a fault in the system and I could get a notification on my phone or similar. First I let my kids out. Then I'm the last to leave and I have to shut the door one extra time just to arm the system. It's a seriously annoying bug I have never experienced on any of my other alarm system.


21-06-2023 07:26:06

Hi neighbors! We have now released Open Door Arming, which allows you to arm your system with one main door open and doesn't require that you bypass it. This Help Center [article](https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/13240383012756-Open-Door-Arming) will provide you with more information on Open Door Arming. I hope this new feature is what you have been looking for. 🙂


02-08-2023 04:53:40

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