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Secret Alerts - In spite of what you may have been told, you can do Secret Alerts without IFTTT or Alexa Routines
I just came from SimpliSafe and just did the conversion to Ring last week. Before making the move, I asked Ring and others a lot of questions. I got satisfactory answers to most every question and decided to move to Ring from SimpliSafe. Now the one question I asked is " Can Ring do Secret Alerts?" Ring told me that "no, we can't do that" and others said I needed to use IFTTT or Alexa Routines. Well after messing around with the systems and sensors, I am here to tell you that "Secret Alerts" can indeed be implemented within the Ring system without having to use IFTTT or Alexa Routines. Now for those who are not aware of what a "Secret Alert" is, let me explain. A Secret Alert is when you receive a notification on your phone that does not cause an alarm in any mode (off, home, away), and does not cause the base or any of the keypads to sound whatever "ding" you have set your base or keypad to...in other words, it is silent. The perfect example is when you have teens or small kids in the house and maybe you want to know if someone is getting into a liquor cabinet or basement fridge that may contain alcohol. You put a sensor on those doors and if someone opens the door, even if the alarm system is off, it sends a notification to your phone that someone opened the door to the liquor cabinet or fridge, or whatever you might want to keep an eye on. So here is how you do it. Every device that you want to receive Secret Alerts on has to have the Ring app on it. In my case, I have the control over the alarm so I already had the app. Then I had to set-up my wife with the app and make her a "shared user." Once that has taken place, you then install a door/window sensor on let's say the interior door of the liquor cabinet. When you do this, make sure you specify that the sensor is on a "Secondary Door." Then assuming you have completed naming the device and specifying the room location. Save it, Now do into the device settings. First, make sure you turn on that you want "Open Alerts." Then make sure "Closed Alerts" is off....you can turn this on is you want, but really is not necessary in my opinion. Now go to "Mode Settings" with the device. Turn off "Away Mode" and "Home Mode" as you really do not want someone setting off the alarm when you are home. I guess you could leave this on for "Away Mode" if you really wanted to, but because the doors on my liquor cabinet could possibly be opened with a draft or something, I really do not want the door setting off an alarm while I am gone. Your choice, but Home Mode must be off. When you are finished, make sure you touch or click "Save" in the upper right hand corner. Next go to the "Chirp Tones" within the device and under "Base Station and Keypad Sounds" set that to "None" then touch or click Save. Now go back to the dashboard, and touch or click "Settings." Go to "Alert Settings" then touch or click "Alarm." You have two tabs up top....one named "EMAIL" and the other "PUSH." I have EMAIL off, you can change to whatever you want. However, under the PUSH tab, I have "Push Notifications" set to on. I have all the choices there set to on except Device Tamper Status and Lock Jammed. Make sure you Save. Now whenever someone trip the sensor by going into the Liquor Cabinet, I get a pop-up alert. If you gave shared access to anyone else, you will need to make the above changes I have outlined on the same device on their phones....especially under device mode. If you have any questions, post as I might have but hope I did not miss anything on the set-up. But I can tell you it works great for me.




31-08-2023 01:50:02

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