ZWave lights with events

Hi everyone.

So I have a Ring system and I have really decked it out. At some point I am going to post a list of my suggestions in hopes that they are considered and taken seriously.

I have a bunch of Z-Wave lights added through my Ring system, along with a Ring bridge. I am not sure how to actually make these things talk to each other (for example when alarm is armed and a door opens, turn on these lights, or when motion is detected on Ring Motion Sensor A, turn on GE Z-Wave light B). What features can I do with these lights and Ring, and how do I add them?

Hey @DCurzio! We greatly value our neighbor’s feedback on all things related to Ring. Feel free to post your feedback in our Smart Lighting feature request thread, as we often share this with the teams.

You’ll be happy to hear there is much that can be done with Smart Lighting and your other Ring devices. Light Groups, Device Linking, and even Alexa enabled devices present numerous options for obtaining a ‘Ring of security’. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

So despite having all of these Z-Wave inside light switches added to Ring, it doesn’t look like Ring can do anything with them since they aren’t one of the Ring branded products. What is/was the advantage of adding them to the Ring app then?

Since Ring doesn’t appear to have the functionality, can Alexa be programmed to do things with Ring and lights? For example, if motion is detected in dining room (via Ring motion detector) turn on dining room lights Z-Wave GE light switch)?

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If you find the skill for your switches in the Alexa app or if they are found without a skill. You can setup a routine in the Alexa app to do this. Also there is a 3rd party app called simple commands that I use and others here.