Zooz Integrations

I would love to see Ring add Zooz devices to their Works With Ring program, especially switches and the water valve actuator.

I am seeing the Zooz Titan Water Shutoff Valve as an option under Security > Water Valves now! It even allows you to automatically shut off the valve if moisture is detected by any of the flood sensors. I couldn’t find any announcement of this in the Ring app or in Ring Community.

@Tom_Ring @Caitlyn_Ring How can we find the “release notes” for each update Ring releases?

Hi @r6kmb. We do not have release or update notes. The What’s New section in the app typically announces major feature updates, so smaller updates like this will not be there. In regards to integrations, our teams are always working to expand the availability here, so I’m glad to see that a Zooz water valve is now an option! :slight_smile:

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