Zigbee Support

Zigbee, Zigbee, Zigbee! I’m relegated to running dual systems: SmartThings for lighting automation, and Ring for Alarm. Please roll-out Zigbee support so we can consolidate.

Also, the indoor cam motion sensors should be exposed to the alarm.


I want to make this sugggestion as well. I have Zigbee devices that integrate with my current alarm system, whom I have alarm monitoring with. I would switch over to the Ring monitoring, except for the fact that my Zigbee devices (door lock, smoke/carbon monoxide detector, water leak detector, light switch, etc…) work so flawlessly with my current alarm system. So either enable the Zigbee radio or allow it to integrate better with 3rd party apps like Smartthings.

I too would like to see Zigbee activated. The hardware is already there. I purchased the Yale Assure Lock Amazon edition that came with Zigbee module. I would like to link this to my Ring alarm system. Come on Amazon and Ring. Support your customers.

I agree, have some old ZigBee hardware (door lock). It would be nice to be able to use it with Ring, considering the hardware is already there.