Z wave plus

So how does one know if this thing is working or not? Is the green circle supposed to be on? When I push it it comes on and then goes off. It’s 35 feet from the base station and another 15 feet from the camera it’s supposed to help with.

Hi @Diane13. Can you please let us know which Ring device we’re working with? You can find the device name on the packaging, or usually on the back of the device as well.

Thanks for the reply. Z Wave Plus range extender. I just unplugged it and checked the camera it’s supposed to boost the signal to…no change in signal strength. So perhaps it never did work. This brings up another question…how to boost the signal?

@Diane13 Ring Doorbells and Security Cameras do not use Z-Wave and do not connect to the Ring Alarm Base Station. Your Ring Camera uses wifi and should be connected to your wifi router. If you have a Ring Alarm Range Extender, that is only going to work with the Ring Alarm Security System components, not Ring Doorbells or Security Cameras.

If your wifi router is far away from where you have installed your Ring Camera, you can utilize wifi extenders or a Chime Pro. The Chime Pro acts as a wifi extender for Ring Doorbells and Cameras, and can also play an audible alert for when motion is detected by the linked Doorbell or Camera.

Thanks…I have a chime pro as well. I switched it closer but it makes no difference. What I need is an extender for the chime pro! Interesting. I think I’ll see if I wired in camera would be better. I also have the Ring Security System. Back to the drawing board.

@Diane13 Essentially, the Ring Alarm (not the Ring Alarm Pro) and your Ring Cameras are separate and they do not impact each others’ connectivity. The Chime Pro is what will connect to your wifi network and extend that connection for your Ring Camera. Make sure your Chime Pro is positioned about halfway between your wifi router and your Camera, then ensure your Camera is connected to the Chime Pro network. I hope that helps.

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