You should be able to connect more than one thermostat to the Ring App

I find it ridiculous that you can connect only one Honeywell thermostat to the ring app. So many houses have two zones and two thermostats. And the product as marketed as “works with ring,” not “the first one works with ring”

I have three T10 thermostats in my home. They should all connect with ring

Is there a way to add a second Honeywell thermostat to my Ring app? I purposely picked a smart thermostat to use with my ring app and it doesn’t look like it’s going to let me add more than one thermostat to the app? So I’ll have to use the resideo app instead of having all my smart devices on my ring app?

I just swapped out two T6 Pro with two T9 thermostats. Both T6 show up because they connect through Z-Wave, but I can only see one T9 because it uses the Resideo app.

Agreed. Not intuitive to only have 1 WiFi based thermostat available