Yet another request for Silent Alarm

Not sure why Ring won’t implement a Silent Alarm feature for the system. The Base Station alarm is too quiet and does nothing more than alert an intruder of where the Base Station is located so that they can go smash it and disable it.

I’m looking for full Ring Alarm functionality while in Away mode but to have the capability to not trigger any audible alarms in the building to alert an intruder of where the base station is. Even better would be to be able to silence the Base Station but keep other devices that have an audible alarm selectable on a per-device basis. This could enhance confusion for an intruder on what to silence and buy precious seconds while the cops arrive.


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Hi there, @ududidj! You might find interest in the Duress Code feature, which allows you to enter a code that will silently trigger your Alarm for an emergency. Keep in mind, this feature requires you to be registered for Professional Monitoring. :slight_smile:

@Marley_Ring I think @ududidj would like to be able to turn down the siren volume on the base station to 0%, just like you can do currently with other sounds coming from the base station.

If you are away from your home and an intruder breaks in, one of the first things the intruder may do is look for the base station to try to disable it (by smashing it) before it calls the police. It would be a lot harder for the intruder to find if the siren wasn’t coming from the unit. With the ability to sound the siren from cameras, the keypad, and the new outdoor siren, you don’t need to have the siren sounding from the base station.


Yes- this is exactly what I was trying to get across @r6kmb

Would love the same option with “Home” mode - or in my case, especially with Home mode. Would much rather be awakened with the option for a less-startling alert. Sensors can malfunction / the system could error without it being a break-in.

That’s all well and good but it’s not a feature for people in the UK for some reason. It’s frustrating that we don’t get features that everyone else has from the start. We can’t buy a panic button for the alarm either so I’ve got a keypad above my bed