Yale Pro SL lock compatibility YRD136

So according to Yale’s website the Yale Pro SL YRD136 is fully compatible with Ring including arm/disarm and key code setup. But yet on Rings compatibility chart this lock is no where to be found. I am able to add it manually but this only gives me the ability to lock and unlock, it also doesn’t report lock status correctly if I lock or unlock the door manually or from it’s keypad. When I lock or unlock from the app it does work sort of, the lock responds just fine but the app times out getting status and gives me a failed message but eventually updates. If I lock or unlock from the actual lock ring never updates to show the new status causing issues with Alexa routines.

I guess my question is, is Yale incorrect in listing this lock as being fully compatible or was the lock removed from rings compatible list for some reason? And why does ring not report the correct status of the lock when manually locking or unlocking? I specifically chose these locks because they were very similar to the assure lock in that they were keyless, but I didn’t want a touch pad and preferred physical buttons. Unfortunately I had to source these from eBay since they are meant for pro installers and not sold retail so no returns… just hoping someone else out there has tried these locks and got them working, maybe I’m missing something simple.