Yale Assure SL Integration


I current have Ring setup are a video doorbell and 4 cameras located around the house. I am on a subscription to protection plus which covers the cameras. This system is setup over my Wifi Mesh network along with a few other smart devices (Which utilise Google Home).

I have not linked Ring to my Google Home network (Where I believe there are issue anyways) and would like to keep it this way as I would like to keep my house security separate to other smart devices around the home. (I keep envisiging some one yelling “hey google, open the front door”, from outside of the house need one to the Google Home units)

I am wanting to add a Yale Assure SL smart doorlock and need to understand if it can link to my existing setup, or do I need to add a Yale Z-Wave module and possible a Z-Wave Hub. This would add an additional expense as everything is Wifi based at the moment.

Thanks for n

Hi @Jason01. At this time, the only wifi-enabled smart lock that works with the Ring Doorbell is the Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt, pictured in this bundle here. If you do have the Ring Alarm system, we have a list of Z-Wave smart locks that work with it in our Help Center Article here. These locks require the Ring Alarm system in order to be set up in the Ring App. I hope that helps clear things up for you. :slight_smile: