Yale Assure 2 with Z wave and Ring settings

I just got the Yale Assure 2 with Z wave. I have the Ring alarm. I’m still trying to figure out the best settings for my use. I have Ring alarm set so that when I touch the Yale button it will lock the door and set the alarm. However, this means that I can’t just lock the door with the keypad since Yale requires you to start the locking process by touching the Yale key. Therefore I set Yale to autolock after 10 seconds (not my preference but it seems to be my only workaround). I could also set it to autolock, but that has a different problem. I use the auto-unlock feature (when i get close to my door) which does not work consistently, but when it does, it auto unlocks and then relocks (10 seconds) before I make it into the house. Has anyone figured out the best way to set this up? It seems like the way I want to use the lock and alarm are relatively common. Thanks!