Yale Assure 2 Lock YRD 450

Hi there,
I am trying to link the Yale Assure 2 lock (YRD 450) with Ring. Not sure how to get the lock to enter pairing mode. It states on the Ring app to select “manage lock with external app” during setup but this option never appears…
any tips appreciated!


Hi @user46853. Do you have the Ring Alarm system? How far is your Base Station? What type of phone are your using and what version of the Ring app is installed?

Hi Tom,
yes Ring alarm system. the base station is about 20 ft from the lock. android phone, ring app 3.60.1

thank you

Hi @user46853. If possible, I’d suggest moving the Base Station a bit closer while connecting your smart lock. Next, I’d recommend reviewing the manual for your Yale Assure 2 lock to see how to put it into pairing mode. This might also be referred to as inclusion mode, and is usually done by pressing a combination of keys in a certain order. Pairing or inclusion mode allows the lock to be found and added to a Z-Wave network, such as the one utilized by the Ring Alarm system. I hope this helps. :slight_smile: