Xbox and playstation app

I was just on my xbox and was thinking how nice it would be to have a xbox app connected to my ring account that would notify me of motion and if someone is at my door so when i am playing my game and had my headset on so i can see my notifications with out looking at my phone i dont know about everyone else but when i game i don’t look at my phone that often i think having the xbox and or playstation connected to the tv would be a great addition to home security you can never go wrong with having a bigger screen

It’s a brilliant idea! Having an Xbox app connected to your Ring account for motion and doorbell notifications while you’re gaming with your headset on would be a game-changer for home security. I completely agree - when I’m immersed in a game, checking my phone can be quite a distraction. Integrating gaming consoles like Xbox or PlayStation with your TV for these notifications on a bigger screen is a fantastic concept that can add an extra layer of convenience and security to your gaming setup.

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