Wrong Solar Panel Status Message

I have a solar panel connected to my Ring Spot Light camera. When I look at Device Health, under “Solar Panel Status” I see a message that says “Add a Ring Solar Panel to Extend Battery Life”. Well, guess what, I already did!! I can tell the solar panel is working because the battery charge goes down (slightly) and then goes back up to 100%.

I would expect the Solar Panel Status message to says something like “Your Solar Panel is connected” or “Solar Panel is charing your camera battery” maybe in green text.

Anyone else see the same thing? Anyone else think this message should be different?

I hope you find this helpful.

Thanks very much

Hi @hi2meb. Rest assured that this is a bug in the app, and something our teams are working actively to fix and deploy in the next patch of our app. We are hoping that this message that shows up in error will be removed from showing up when you have a solar panel installed in the coming months. Great job in noticing that it’s still charging though, as long as it continues to stay this way, you shouldn’t pay attention to the message asking you to add one. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter and let me know if you have any other questions! :slight_smile:

My solar panel is on the south side of my house about two feet from my battery spot light cam. I live in michigan and I still have to climb on a ladder to fetch the battery down and go inside the house charge it for several house then hike back up the ladder to re-install the battery. The very reason why I bought the solar panel was so I did NOT have to do all of that! Why does it not do the job I paid for it to do?

You might want to go through all of your settings to see if something is draining the battery down quickly, or perhaps the solar panel angle needs to be adjusted? Also, make sure the solar plug is really seated well at the back of the cam. I have a spotlight cam with solar and with my settings, it only drops 10-15% overnight, then charges back up the next day. I have it set for lights on with motion, motion frequency at standard, and snapshots every 3 mins. I also have it linked to go on (cam & lights) with other lights/cams when motion is detected, so it’s getting used quite a bit at night.

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