Wrong address in "Neighbors Settings"

When I go into “Neighbors Settings” on both the Ring app and Neighbors app, someone else’s address shows up. When I select it, a pop-up says the address is linked to one or more locations on my Ring account. To change it, open the side menu in the Ring app, select this location, then tap settings, then Location. I’ve opened every single thing there is to open in both apps and that incorrect address does not show up anywhere but under Neighbors Settings. I’ve logged out, back in, uninstalled and reinstalled the apps, and contacted tech support with no solutions. How do I get rid of the address of the house a mile down the road?

Hi there, @gimleacre! You are certainly following all the right steps here. Good call on trying both the Ring app and the Neighbors by Ring app.

As you’ve worked with our support already, they will be the best to continue troubleshooting this or escalating it the appropriate teams. Our support team is happy to take amore in-depth look at this, to find the best resolution. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here.

I’ve been trying to get this fixed for over a year. Same answer every time. We will escalate. Haha. Not!!
The neighbors app is basically useless as far as notifications go. Just use it now to view after the fact. I do not get notified when people post anything because the app thinks I’m somewhere else out of the area.
I have many Ring devices including the security system. Hardware is great. Neighbors app is useless!!

Hi @tpmsdr. I’m sorry to hear you’e been experiencing this concern for a year now. Have you followed up with our advanced support team at all? I would recommend following up by calling our support team and requesting to speak with the advanced support team as you have already contacted them about this concern before. They should be able to see the previous contact dates and look at the records of those and reach out to the escalated support team as necessary.