WPA3 WiFi support

Hello, I just purchased 3 of the newest Ring Spotlight cams & just read that they are only WPA2? I have pretty major issues with hacking/Rings not recording video or sending notifications, I need these cameras to be high security or I need to replace them with ones that are (PoE Stickup Elite?).

Is there a plan to update the security on existing devices to WPA3? I would think wireless security of wireless security cameras would be a pretty big concern.

If I could get an official response I would appreciate it, otherwise it looks like I might have to uninstall and return my spotlight cams (which I do like, they do work well, but I need to be as hack-proof as possible, many reports of these cameras being hacked during thefts but working for like school buses and mailmen.)

Please advise,

Hi @doglogger3. At this time, WPA3 security is not currently supported. This is a great request! Security is our priority and you can always customize you ports and protocols for enhanced security. This Help Center article here goes over ports and protocol information. :smiley:

Thanks for your reply.

I would love to see WPA3 because it adds per device/connection encryption, so basically a hacker will have to hack each device individually rather than just using one password to ‘rule them all’, as it is with WPA2.

Since moving to WPA3 my cameras don’t work as they don’t support this level of security. I have an unsatisfactory work around.
Looking to upgrade my home security in new year but it won’t becRing if WPA 3 not supported

Please support WPA3 encryption, as new routers will require it to enable the 6GHZ spectrum, even if the Ring product is connecting to 2.4 or 5.

Ring not supporting the latest security standards like WPA3 is disconcerting. WPA3 came out in January 2018, long before Ring Gen2 came out, and Ring still doesn’t support it.

@james72 WPA3 isn’t widely rolled out to a lot of consumer or ISP supplied routers as of yet. Higher end kit will have it but its not fully mainstream yet. More security is always good and Ring will likely move to support it when it is more widely used.

Routers that support WPA3 also support older WPA/WPA2, so Ring should not hide behind the statement that “WPA3 isn’t widely rolled out to a lot of consumer or ISP supplied routers as of yet”. Security-based systems such as Ring should be leading with secure connectivity, not lagging it.


@Razor19 There are very few client devices which support it and I am not aware of any in the security space such as alarms with an WiFi component on the alarm panel which do. No doubt there will be some products somewhere but WPA3 is still really new and is no where near industry standard yet.

My Apple devices are now suggesting WPA2 on my Ubiquiti APs is not secure and network traffic can be monitored. Apple’s own “help” pages are advising people to secure their routers using WPA3. I upgraded my network settings this past weekend and now none of my Ring products and thermostats are able to connect to my network. Apparently, Ring and Nest are not able to support this new, more secure standard as of April 17, 2022.

If you somehow think WPA3 is going to protect you from determined people accessing your network traffic, then you are sadly mistaken.
Also you shouldn’t leave out what the full message says “Set to WPA3 Personal for better security. Set to WPA2/WPA3 Transitional for compatibility with older devices.”
So Apple isn’t suggesting giving up WPA2 totally. Also, surprise surprise, Apple happens to sell newer devices (their old ones don’t support WPA3) that they want you to buy. So a company making a recommendation that leads to profit for them. No surprise here.

Full disclosure, I own Apple stock in my retirment portfolio, but I sure wouldn’t be crying “WPA3 Wolf” based on their biased recommendation.

Suggestion to add support for WPA2/3 transition mode to current ring products and support WPA3 encryption in the future

Ring should add WPA3 support because WPA3 protects you from Wifi killers that stop security devices that use 2.4 ghz frequency. I learned this watching a video online. At least until someone finds a way to get through WPA3. At the very least it makes Ring more secure.

How do you know WPA3 hasn’t already been hacked?
I don’t doubt that Ring will one day support WPA3, but since WPA3 Routers are such a small segment of the market right now it’s unlikely to be very soon.

@SolarEclipse with that mindset, why should someone put a deadbolt on their door, someone might be able to pick it.

Not at all. I just want folks to have realistic expectations. WPA3 isn’t 100% secure so thinking that it is is a big mistake.
Just like your deadbolt, it’ll help keep the average person out, but if someone is determined enough it won’t be a barrier at all.

Good luck.