Would like to see more customization for hard wired ring pro doorbell

Hello and good day,

I am requesting a feature to enable better customization of motion alerts. For example, if I enable people only mode on a hardwired doorbell it no longer records any other motion. I would prefer to be able to switch alerts off for all but people and still record all motion eg a vehicle, dog crapping on the lawn, etc. this is useful when someone drives over your mailbox as happened to me recently. because I had people mode it did not record the vehicle. Luckily my neighbor did not and caught the vehicle on her cam.

a couple of options 1 - use the same set as you do for battery-powered where people only still records all but only alerts when a person is detected. 2 - create a feature to turn off alerts only on specific zones custom motion zones. I think number 1 would be an easy software update as that is how it works on the existing battery-powered models.

there is so much more that could be done with motion and alert customization.

Agreed! I’ve just responded to a similar thread about more customisation of motion alerts and zones. Might be worth adding a comment to that thread as well, the more requests it has the more likely it will get looked into ?