Worst Customer Service

Ring.com has the worst customer service out of any company I’ve had the opportunity to work with. I’ve been on at least 10 calls with them trying to get a price match sorted and in the end they always have to “escalate” the ticket and whatnot. It’s been an extremely frustrating experience working with the customer service and it has been a headache trying to figure it out with them. It seems like nobody seems to know what is going on over there and they’re completely lost when it comes to dealing with a customer issue. I’m not sure if it’s always been like this, but Ring has stooped to the lowest of the low in my list.

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I am dealing with a customer support issue myself right now. I get told one thing by one customer service agent and then the next one tells me I was given the wrong info. It has been going on for a long time and still not completely resolved.

It is a shame since the product itself is pretty good.


I have four devices. What a fiasco I went through on my latest a battery operated spotlight camera. Tried to install it. Did not work. Called tech support they told me hardware issue they will send me a new one. That was May 1. Told me shipping/order confirmation will be sent in 5-6 days. May 9 nothing. Crickets. Wait time with support 60 min on phone and 45 min on chat. Boy lots of people having problems besides me!

I need my camera installed ASAP. So I ordered one from Amazon. Got it in 24 hrs and installed it yesterday.

They also told me a free return receipt would be sent to me to return the one that does not work. Never received it either.

I figured they dropped the ball so I got it elsewhere

Now today with no notice, I get the one from the ring store. No order # or return label in box.

I do a live chat with someone who is on another planet. OMG. I took screenshots cuz you would not believe the chat.

Anyway he finally came to, and gave me order # and emailed me a return receipt. EXCEPT!!! The order # is not recognized in their system and they want me to pay return shipping even though THEY did not fulfill their promises to me.

I am so done. Hoping to sell this crap and go elsewhere. There are better companies out there. Many of my friends are complaining about their devices and service too.

Spread the word people!