Worried about solar over charging

I added a solar panel to my stick up cam yesterday. Everything seems to be set-up correctly and the battery charged from 30 to 100% in about 24 hours. However reading documentation I see that the charging should cut out at this point to preserve battery life but it doesn’t seem to.
The green sun and battery icon is there with the lightning bolt even at 100%. I have covered the solar panel for now and the lightning bolt is gone.
I’m wondering am I missing something?

Hi @Fbfan. You’re using the Ring Solar Panel with your Stick Up Cam, correct? Your Stick Up Cam should only draw as much power as it needs, so it cannot be over charged from the Solar Panel. The Solar Panel provides a trickle charge to help keep the battery topped off, so it does not charge as fast as manually charging the battery. How quickly the battery drains will also depend on several factors, such as the amount of activity your Camera is recording. You can learn more here.

I have exactly the same problem. Ring state in their own support documents “You can help extend the longevity of your Video Doorbell and Security Camera batteries by not keeping them fully charged all the time. To help you do this, there is a charging limitation for all solar-powered doorbells and cameras, and plug-in and wired devices that also take a Quick Release Battery Pack.
Keep in mind that certain Ring devices will hold your battery charge and not exceed a threshold of around 80 percent charged.”

But when i ask Nest support they say its fine to keep the camera battery constantly fully charged which is a direct contidiction of their own recommendations.

When i pointed this out they said i have the very latest version of the stick up camera and this recommendation does not apply in my case - fancy that!

Yet every other product ive ever had says the same thing - limit charging to about 80% to maximise battery lifetime

So my question is - have ring discovered a brand new lithium battery that can be charged to 100% permanently without ultimately reducing the lifetime of the battery?

If so i think this may be a world first!!

More likey the latest products no longer the charge limiting feature - presumably to save manufacturing costs.

Anybody else suffering this problem or getting the same run around from Ring Support?

I’m glad in a way it’s not just me that has these concerns. The way I see it, there’s either a mistake in the documentation or the cam/solar combo is a disaster waiting to happen.
I’m basically seeing the same thing, the cam is shown as charging while at 100% during daylight. Have never seen any evidence of it stalling out at around 80% to “protect the battery”.

It hasn’t filled me with any confidence and this will certainly be the answer if I’m ever asked why I didn’t buy any more ring equipment.

They now admit the 80% limit to protect the battery life is true and works for the Ring Door Bell. But they say the Cameras dont need this feature - of course they give no evidence or even reason why the DoorBell needs it but the Cameras do not. So I think the choice is - use the solar panel but expect your battery to die quite quickly or go back to swapping out the batteries and charging them manually where you can manually limit the amount of charging applied. If Ring had been honest about this at the time I would not have bought their solar panel.

The whole experience has left a bad taste and I won’t be buying any more Ring products as they are a Company that I no longer trust.

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