"Works With Ring" Z Wave Light Switch Automation

Hi all. I have a good number of ring products (list below). Short version is I’m trying to figure out how to make my Floodlight Cams trigger other actions on ring compatible devices (specifically ring compatible z-wave smart switchs) when they detect a person (preferably) or motion (if person not possible). Would also like the mailbox sensor to be able to trigger this

Ring Devices I have are:
(4) Ring Floodlight Cameras
(1) Ring Doorbell 2 (Hard Wired)
(1) Ring Indoor Camera
(1) Ring Lighting Bridge
(1) Ring Mailbox Sensor
(2) Ring Chime Pro’s (version with external antennas)

Ring Alarm System With the following components:
(1) Base Satation
(1) Range Extender
(1) Keypad
(11) Window/Door Sensors

Also have (2) “Works with ring” Z-Wave Switches. So far the only thing they will do is turn on and off from within the app, which is pretty well useless. Using ring bulbs won’t work for this application, as I’m trying to control outdoor decorative lights, and garage lighting, neither of which use a base that ring makes bulbs for. I don’t mind adding an alexa or similar inside the house, but won’t want to buy one if that won’t allow me to automate those lights and allow them to be triggered by my existing motion sensing ring devices.

Hi there, @autobaun70! It looks like you have a great Ring ecosystem, which will help greatly in your ability to automate or extend options for such. Linked devices would be my first recommendation to check out.

As you also have Alarm, you can link your Camera to the Alarm system. This allows you to setup automated recording based on the Alarm triggering and also features the ability to link a Camera with a siren.

Last but not least, Ring Smart Lighting presents a great many features in the Ring app, including Groups. Check out our help center article about Groups to learn more about the options available.

The Ring app contains all of these features depending on device models, in which it looks like your ‘Ring of security’ includes many devices. Keep in mind, you can also control certain features of your Ring devices via Alexa devices and the Alexa app. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: