Works with Ring - Light Switches / Dimmers - choices?

As of today 3/25/22, there are 4 offerings of Light Switches / Dimmers that are listed on Ring’s website - Works with Ring section. Are my choices limited to these 4 or can i select any other brands / models that have the Z-Wave technology?
Basically i want my Spotlight Cam to trigger additional lighting that i will connect as smart switches BUT i want more other choices other than the 4 currently listed on ring’s website.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @og814ring. As of now, only the products listed on the Works With Ring page are known to work with Ring. Other Z-Wave switches might be able to be added, but their functionality is unknown as they have not been tested and therefore I can not recommend them. This list here has a good selection of Light Switches/Dimmers, with more that 4 offerings.