With 3G obsoletion 2-22-2022, will my ring system operate?

With 3G obsoletion 2-22-2022, will my ring system operate? Why haven’t you been more proactive as news agencies report 3G is over in a few days. Are your customer at risk or not?

I’m not a Ring engineer, but the following might help clarify the issue.

  1. So far as I know, various Ring Alarm units are the only ones with (optional?) cellular connectivity. I’d assume Ring a) knows who owns these units and b) would be notifying owners of update plans, if such were needed.

    For example, I have a pacemaker monitor that uses a (non-AT&T) 3G cellular data network to provide its periodic readings to my cardiologist. A firmware update (automatic) and a USB stick they’ll send soon will provide a 4G connection.

  2. Only AT&T & Cricket 3G networks are shutting down in February. T-Mobile/Sprint will maintain 2G & 3G in some form until December, as will Verizon. So February is only an issue if Ring Alarms were designed to only use the AT&T cellular interface. Canada has only the 850 MHz band of 3G remaining (until 2025).

Hi neighbors! The 3G phaseout will not affect any of your Ring devices. I also addressed this question in this post here as well. Any Ring devices using cellular networks, such as the Ring Alarm Base Station, already support 4G LTE networks. :slight_smile: