Don’t know if this is the right place for this, but I assume a community board should be. So here I start a whishlist topic where anyone could suggest improvements that way maybe all together we can make it better. Just to put a bit of context also, I am in Europe and connected to the French Amazon skill store.

  • Would it be possible to be able to speak from the Echo spot - Echo Show (just been released in France) with the people that are at your door ? US amazon skill allows it why not European ?

  • Not sure if this is planned, but face recognition could be a plus.

  • In my opinion a great improvement would be the ability to have the Echo Spot / Show automatically turn on the video doorbell feed when someone rings at your door. Or at least beeing able to do it as a routine. If you count the time from someone rings, alexa tells you “someone is at your door”, I say “Alexa, show me the front door”, Alexa connects to the video feed that can’t take up couple of sec and I can finaly see who is here. If you sum all this time up, the visitor might already be heading back. Especially the postman here that is on the run to deliver everything on time.

That’s all for now. I will add some more as they pop in my head :wink: Or please feel free.


We absolutely love seeing your wishlists and encourage any and all feature requests to be shared here in our community. This will help us present these amazing ideas to developers to see what is in the works.

You will be happy to hear that two way audio is available with Alexa and should work in France. Check out Amazon’s webpage in regards to Alexa/ Echo skills.

Additional Alexa integrations and object detection are certainly features we are working on having in the future. Keep these wishlists coming, we may even make a section just for them!

In addition to the previous link, this help center article may help you to obtain two-way communication with an Echo device.

I would like to see voice announcements for device sensors over the keypads, base station, and Alexa devices. Like “front door open” or “kitchen window open”.

Even door/window chimes though the keypad would be a help.

Also, alarm arming without a code!