Wiring to a Videx Intercom 3371


First thing I would like to say is that I know ring intercom isn’t currently compatible with a video intercom. I understand that. BUT the intercom I have has 2 entry points (opens gate for car park) and then opens door to the building. The car park entry does not use video, it is only the building entry point that shows an image. HOWEVER I do not require video to work, I was just wondering whether ring would work to just open the door and not show video? There is one button (the key button) which is the same button pressed to open both locations.

We have opened the intercom handset and the wiring configuration is below

what i cant work out is according the above configuration chart from the installation manual, I have highlighted the current numbers used, but where would you suggest the ring wires go? I would have imagined to see like a ‘door open’ port or similar, is anyone able to shed any light as to which numbered ports might work?

Many thanks for any time spent looking at this, it is for my elderly mum who would benefit AMAZINGLY from getting this to work.

If i can give any more information please let me know!


Your handset looks like an audio-based 2-wire BUS system (Linea BUS) with video hacked on to additional wires.

Maybe try configuring the Ring Intercom for a Videx 3176 which is a 2-wire audio-only handset?

Image from here.

Although the compatibility checker has this note, which may or may not be an issue:


Unfortunately we can’t see the recommended Ring Intercom wiring for the Videx 3176 in the online compatibility checker, which is frustrating.

Hi @caz444. If you would like further assistance with your concern, I recommend reaching out to our dedicated Intercom support team. :slightly_smiling_face: