Wiring of Ring Video Doorbell Pro with Existing Buzzer in UK (Byron 1200/1210)

Happy New Year to you all and all in your bubbles.
I’m a brand new member of this community (joined today) so please be gentle with me.

Has anyone in UK managed to install a Video Doorbell Pro with an existing wired door buzzer? I’ve seen and followed several threads of installing with an existing wired chime but these are all for installations with 4 wires in the chime (2 in and 2 out) whereas my buzzer (Byron 1200/1210) is a simple 2 wire device.

The current buzzer is a typical 8v a.c. one, driven by a transformer in the consumer unit so I know it can’t be connected directly to the 24v a.c. Ring transformer, but I would like to have a buzzer rather than a chime so am looking for your guidance. I’m happy to replace my 8v a.c. buzzer with a 24v a.c. one if that makes it simpler, but struggling to find one of those too, so any recommendations would also be gratefully appreciated.

Thanks and have a great day.