Wiring Bitron AN0002

I am having difficulty with the above.

The current wiring of the handset is shown below. I have ignored the mis/speaker wires as they are working fine in the app.

I can get everything to work on the ring intercom other than door opening. When I try to open the door via the app, the buzzer sounds. I currently have the door open wire of the ring into the unlock port and the neutral into the neutral.

Can anyone help?

Hi @biggar91, thank you for your question. In order to assist you further, we will require photos of your current wiring to get a better overview, what the potential cause for this could be. We look forward to hearing from you.

HI Magnus

See below the wiring of the handset prior to my installation.

Interestingly, when fitted, the engineer has used the aux button, rather than the inbuilt unlock button. I now believe the call wire and the unlock wire are the same - I understand this is possible, but I don’t know how.

Thus, thus the aux button bridges constant live with the call wire (via a jumper wire) to unlock the door.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @biggar91, thank you for your response. We are currently investigating your problem with our engineer team.

Could you please try to wire your Ring Intercom in the following way:

  • A-1 red with 6
  • A-2 brown with 1
  • A-3 black with 2
  • A-5 grey with 9
  • A-6 purple with CA

Please let us know, if it resolved your issue.

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