Wireless spotlight cams fogging up at night

The link doesn’t seem to work?

Please try the link one more time! I fixed it for you. Thank you! :smiley_cat:

I am having the same issue with my spotlight cam fogging up.


The other chat has 11 pages of disgruntled customers saying the so-called solution - use anti-fog spray - does not work. I too know that to be true as I have tried it. This should not be down to your customers to solve - it is a major issue.


I was hoping to find some type of reliable answer here but I guess not. Does Ring techs (not just admin) even check these message boards?

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It’s a bit annoying isn’t it.

I’m hoping for a solution as well. One of my newish cameras is completely fogged in the morning till about 11. Thinking of returning it to Costco

I just put a spotlight cam up , under the eaves and it is so foggy at night, it’s useless.

Just put up a Ring wireless spotlight camera 2 days ago. Woke up this morning and the camera is useless. After reading through the link I didn’t see a solution. Ring support, can you please tell me and others how to specifically fix this problem?

Ok. Here’s a maybe. Having read everything on fora and web I rejected trying anti - fog etc, but I came across a YouTube video of a guy trying out recommended anti fog approaches on the inside of his car. The only one that worked was - toothpaste. So I have tried smearing a thin film of toothpaste on (licked finger, dab of paste, rubbed on very gently as it is abrasive) and then polishing it off. Trouble is I do not have a control test, as since I did it the weather has not been as severe, but it does look to me like the cameras I treated have a sharper and clearer image at night than those I did not treat ( although caveats around pointing in different directions etc). So I am not saying this is a solution, but possibly worth trying for the desperate…at your own risk !

Thanks…you’ll have to let us know how it works when your weather changes. I wish Ring would respond to all these complaints.

Anyone got a answer from them? Mine dogs up as well

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Anyone getting answers from ring?

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Ring don’t seem to read or answer these boards. Reporting back on toothpaste - helps but is not a cure. Seemed to delay fogging for a while on all but the coldest/wettest night, but did not stop it. The snapshot capture feature let me watch when the fogging took place though, and by and large seemed to only really fog up in the early morning. So definitely better but not the solution.

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Hi neighbors! We have sent this information and all of your feedback to the team. They are currently investigating and testing some things out. We will respond with some findings in the near future here, so stay tuned! Thank you for your patience!

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I appreciate that you are submitting to the team but this complaint had been up greater than a year. This is a recall issue. You need to get a solution or recall the product.

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How did the silicon covers work?

Hi there, did the silicone jackets from Amazon make a difference?
Interested as I have same problem

Hello, yes, I think they have helped a bit. Difficult to be definite but I’d say so.

I bought the ones with a slight “peak” at the front which I think works a bit better in keeping the rain off the lens.

Hope that helps

I am having the same problem with my spotlight cam, have had it for over a year with no issues and now I’m getting moisture on the inside of the protective glass. It’s mounted on the 2nd story of my house, not near any vents, or anything that would cause steam or heat. Are the seals defective or is this the new normal?

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Hello, I’m not sure if this will help you or not but the issue I had seems to have sorted itse;f out.

No idea why and I’ve not done anything to cuase/help it but it’s def a lot better…

Bear with it !