Wireless signal on wired ring doorbell

Ok so ive bought the latest ring wired doorbell. I have an asus ax82u router that is within 20 feet of my doorbell albeit in a different room. Initial rsi was -68 which is surprising as i have a strong wifi signal all throughout my house. The signal dropped to -79 so i bought a wifi extender which is no more than 5 feet from the doorbell yet it still shows an rsi of only -68. Is there a fault on this doorbell or are they just crap at wifi? Any info gratefully received.

Hi @Hairyhighlander. Other than distance, physical obstructions could interfere with the wifi signal. This Help Center article will go into further details regarding this. What I would recommend is that you try placing the wifi extender in a different area to see if it makes a difference. You also want to make sure you connected the Doorbell to the wifi extender. If you did not, you will go through a reconnection process and select the wifi extenders’ signal rather than your routers’. I hope this helps.

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So ive checked the doorbell, it is connected to my extender. The extender is in my front lobby and as i said, no more than 8 feet between it and the bell. The only obstacle between it and the extender is the front door itself. I think i may have a dodgy doorbell as i have an asus ax82u router which itself is in my living room, no more that 30 feet from the doorbell and having used a signal strength meter all round my house, im receiveing a full signal all over. Time to contact smazon for a replacement i think.