Wired Stick Up Cam - Is this a design flaw or me?

I have just bought into the Ring eco system and have the alarm, 2 x spotlight cams, a couple of indoor cams, the doorbell 3 and 4 x stick up cams.

The stick up cams are the final things I am installing and I have come across a couple of issues and just wanted to check if I am doing something wrong here?

I have 2 x baterry powered stick up cams but I started with the 2 x wired verions. I have an wired the lead to where I want the camera to be placed and i hav attached the mount to the wall outside.

I have then removed the based/stand from the bottom of the stick up cam with the intention of moving it to the side mount so that it can go on the wall. However, this is where I have hit my 1st problem. The security screw that you put through the base and into the mounting bracket cant be screwed in, because the body of the camera is now in the way when trying to wall mount it. This means the camera can just be easlily removed from the wall without much effort?

The second and more concerning issue - is that the power adapter just plugs straight into the back of the stick up cam. Is this right? There is no additional security to prevent and it can be simply removed from the back of the camera by any potential intruder. I was expecting it to be inserted into the body of the camera or something similar. But this just seems like a really silly design flaw.

Is this right or am I doing something wrong?

Hi there, @Ropello. For a Stick Up Cam Plug-In, this model has the ability for a battery backup. For the Stick Up Cam Elite, this does use PoE and power adapter as the primary and only source of power. As we recommend a mounting height of 1.5 to 2 metres off the ground, if you are concerned about this power supply being tampered with, the higher end of that installation height range may be best.

If you are concerned about theft or vandalism of your device, check out our theft policy. :slight_smile:

@Marley_Ring I do appreciate the theft policy, but it doesnt seem to be a good way of dealing with a problem that would be a simple fix to just say “if its stolen we will replace it if its reported to the Police”.

The power connection that goes into the back of the Stick Up Cam should be housed within the unit itself so that its locked in place and cannot simply be pulled out. Any would be theif could walk up to the camera [keeping out of visual range] and remove the wire from the back therefore making it a totally pointless security CCTV system.

Furthermore, the ‘security screw’ that can be screwed through the base of the stick up cam and into the mounting bracket to hold it secure is not accessable when the camera is wall mounted as the mount is in the way of the screw when its in this position and renders that pointless too.

So in my view, the plug in versions of the stick up camera are flawed and the battery version is a the better of the two but still the security screw issue exists.