wired spotlight interfering with my garage door opener

I just installed a wired spotlight over my garage doors. The garage is separate from the house, so I have a garage door opener mounted on the wall next to the house door. It stopped working, so I changed the batteries. I thought I had that fixed, but it stopped again. I had an epiphany and, sure enough, it turns out that the opener will not work when the spotlight is on. Not at all. The two inside my cars do a little better, but their range is severly shortened when the light is lit.

Other than just taking it down and replacing it, there doesn’t seem to be much I can do about it.

Hi @jgb ! Is this on your Spotlight Cam : Wired device?

Not a camera. Just a spotlight.

Thank you for clarifying. What make and model of garage door opener do you have?

Two 1/2 hp Liftmasters. Model 3850p.

As I said, my garage is separate from the house. So, after parking, my wife or I will walk to the house, go through the side door, and press the button on the remote mounted on the frame, to close the door.

Since installing the spotlight, this no longer works. To close the garage, you have to wait until the light goes out.

Thank you. We have sent this to the team for further review.

Wanted to update you @jgb – I talked to the team here and we are further investigating, so thank you for sending over this information. However, upon us taking a further look into this, it does appear that this specific garage door opener list of compatible lights is slim. Learn more, here: https://support.chamberlaingroup.com/s/article/What-light-bulbs-can-I-use-in-my-garage-door-opener-1484145692747

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Same issue with my Sears Craftsman opener after installing a hardwired spotlight with a bridge. Remotes only work when the light is out, really annoying to log into the app to turn out the lights before I can close my garage door. LED bulbs were installed in my opener long before the wired spotlight with zero issues with the remotes working. Help please : )

Same issue. Installed wired spotlight and it interferes when its lights on with my car homelink opener. Garage opener is a Buildmaster

Is there any update to this. I just installed a spotlight only and I’m having the garage door opener interference as well. This is really a deal breaker.