Wired Outdoor Light Fixtures

I would like to install the Philips Hue 1743830V7 White and Color Ambience Econic Wall and Ceiling Fixtures. These will be used on the front porch, garage, and back patio. My question is, will the indoor light switches have to be kept in the “on” position for these lights to operate via Alexa voice commands?

Hi @Richard31221! Generally speaking, any smart switch or bulb that is communicated to via a hub or wifi router must remain on in order for it to operate. Much light our Smart Lighting bulbs, which require power and the Bridge for operation with your Ring app. Of course, Phillips Hue might have more specific information on this if you need it. While this is a Community for Ring related products, there are plenty of neighbors who will be happy to share their experiences with any device. Feel free to check around the Community to see if any neighbors may have shared information that might assist you further! :slight_smile: