Wired Floodlight - Numerous problems

Got the wired floodlight Saturday and spent over an hour on the phone getting the bridge to see it. I ended up having to move the bridge into my laundry room (not where I wanted it) so it would pick it up.

Several days in, the problems continue. The light will not detect straight on motion. I can walk straight up to the light but it will not come on until I wave my hand in front of it (sensitivity is set to medium). The light will detect some motion of cars driving by on the street (about 100 yards from the light) but won’t detect a car pulling in my driveway.

So far, I’m not impressed at all.

@KJHornaday , we’re here to help! Mind providing a photo of the mounting location and surrounding area so we can better assist with the motion?

@Jennifer_Ring, if I didn’t go to work and come home in the dark, I could do that. The light is mounted under the eave of my house pointing directly at the driveway. I might be able to provide a photo this weekend.

The problems still persist. My own vehicle won’t even activate the light. I count on Ring products to protect my family and this product does not do that.

Thanks for the photo. It looks like the sensor is pointed directly at the sky, which is probably why this is happening. If you’re facing the light, push the sensor right (or left as it is upside down) then rotate it towards the light heads. It should flip. Page 20 in the manual also explains this… I have attached a photo! Try rotating the sensor and let me know how it continues to work. Thanks!

Jennifer, if you look at the photo closely, that is how the light is already set up. I’m still getting numerous alerts from traffic driving by but I still walk in the house in total darkness.

Hi @KJHornaday - I have shown the picture to my team members and it does not match the manual. Please read the manual, provided and take the steps provided. This will significantly help. Thank you.

I have contorted the light as suggested. Now, the light is offline and will not re-sync after numerous attempts. Again, this is a defective product.

Sorry to hear about this experience @KJHornaday! If the recommended steps above did not improve detection, and your device is now showing as offline, I recommend reaching out to our support team for more in-depth troubleshooting. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

You needed to also post the photo on page 23. That shows the correct final orientation when hung from a soffit.

Numerous photos were sent to Ring support.

Thank you for contributing to an old thread.

The best solution is to take this junk down and return it.