Wired floodlight (not cam) light goes off quick

My wired floodlight turns on when I walk into the area of sensitivity but then turns off after a few seconds. I can’t find controls in the app to adjust how long the light stays on, is that an option? I don’t want it on all the time just more than a few seconds. Thank you

Hi @Famak. If you have a Ring Bridge and Light Groups set up, you can adjust the Auto-Shutoff Timer for your Floodlight Wired, which controls how long the lights stay on after motion is detected. Follow the steps below to adjust this setting.

  • In the Ring App, tap the Menu in the top left.
  • Tap Devices and select the Light Group your Floodlight Wired is in.
  • Tap the Settings tab and select Light Settings.
  • Tap the Auto-Shutoff setting.
  • Choose the desired timer for your lights and tap Save.

This should adjust the time for how long your lights remain on after motion is detected. The Ring Bridge is required for this functionality. I hope this information is helpful! :slight_smile:

In my app I do not have an option for motion zones for lights…

@Famak My apologies for my initial misunderstanding. I edited my original reply to you with updated information that should be more relevant to your question. :slight_smile: