wired floodlight no QR

I had two wired floodlights installed and added to one group. When setting up a Routine, I removed both floodlights. Now I can’t seem to add them because I don’t have the QR code and when I looked on the floodlight there was no QR and 5 digit PIN number. I need help, Thanks

Hey @skeet1948. If you’ve lost the QR code, there are 2 places for you to see a code you can scan during setup on the actual light. One is on the back of the motion sensor and another on the back of the fixture itself. Depending on where it’s installed, you might be able to scan or read the 5 digits off the code on the motion sensor without even taking down the light. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thank you for responding to my question. I saw that response you gave to another person before. However, when I looked at the motion detector like you indicated, there was no QR code or a 5 digit PIN number. I even looked all over the lights as well. No luck. Any other suggestions. Thanks

@skeet0848 Could you capture pictures of the front/back/side of your device for me to show what you’re looking at? There should be a code to capture, normally on the back, which may be covered up from the installation.

Ok, when it stops raining outside I’ll get on the ladder and take pictures for you. I appreciate all the help. Is it possible the code could be on the underneath side of plate that mounts to the house? Or should I turn power off and take one down and see what I can find?

@skeet0848 Awesome, no sweat! If it’s possible and you can, I recommend to turn the power off and take one down to see what you can find. That way you can turn and twist around the device in your hand, look at it from all angles, and see where it is. I assume it may be in a slightly hidden area. :slight_smile:

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Well, I’m not going to make jokes about my wife, but she did her best. When I got on the ladder, guess what I saw,Yep , QR code and PIN number. Sorry for the trouble. After getting the pin and installing per Alexa, everything is back in operation. So thank you for all your help.

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@skeet0848 As long as she’s trying her best! That’s why you love her and picked her, right? :joy_cat: :heart: Happy to hear things are back up and running smoothly for you! Have a great weekend, and stay healthy and safe.

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Thank You. I. Guess you’re right about her. I know who talk to now about Ring, (or women ) ?. Be safe and have a great year.

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