Wired Floodlight delays in re-trigger

I’ve just bought a wired floodlight and a bridge. During day time when I tested the light motion detection, it worked perfectly. I turned off the light sensor function from the ios Ring app so the light can be turned on during daytime. The light was turned on immedietly when it detected my motion and the app showed a motion was detected. After 30 sec which is the time that I set, the light was turned off. If I moved again, the light was turned on again immedietly. There is no delay between each trigger for the light to be turned on. At night, the light could detect the first motion and turn on the light immedietly. After 30 second, the light was turned off and it couldn’t be turned on again after 5 to 10 seconds later eventhough I kept moving around in front of the light before it was even turned off. I expect the light will be turned off after 30 second from the time it doesn’t detect any motion but that’s not the case. The app showed a motion was detected during that 5 to 10 seconds but the light was not turned on. If the light was turned off for more than 10 seconds, it will be turned on immedietly if a motion is detected again. This happend at night time but not at day time. I played around with the app settings but it didn’t help. I don’t know if this is how the light was designed. Do you think this could be caused by the bridge? Both of them are new so I’m not sure which one can be bad. I’ll try to hard reset the light and the bridge and set them up again. This issue really botherred me since when I worked outside, the light kept turning off after 30 seconds and I had to wait in dark for 5 to 10 seconds before it can be turned on again. Yes, I can set to longer time when I work outside but that’s not the point here.

Hi there, @Hieuph! Thank you for providing great detail of your experience with this. The time it takes between each motion/ light triggering event on the Smart Light Floodlight Wired is mostly dependent on connection variables. Your thoughts on the Bridge are correct, improving distance and minimizing interferences between the Bridge and this Floodlight Wired will certainly optimize this time. While the time between lights triggering can be reduced via connection, there is a very minimal amount of time between light events in which the hardware will take before triggering again. Of course, the 10 seconds that you mentioned is too long, and can be improved. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi Marley,

Taking your advice, I put the bridge inside my garage and the wired floodlight was installed on the side of my garage. It didn’t help at all but I found the culprit. It’s the light sensor. When I turned off the light sensor in the app at night, the light was turned on immedietly at every motion trigger. I tried different light sensor threshold settings but it didn’t make any difference. I think I can turn off the light sensor and use the schedule instead but I already requested for a replacement. I hope the issue is with this light only.

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I received a new wired floodlight but it still had the same problem. I changed to another new Ring bridge and it didn’t solve the problem either. My conclusion is this is a flaw design. The light works correctly only when the light sensor is turned off in the app. However, this will trigger the light even at daytime. I’m so dissapointed since I have Ring alarm, Ring camera floodlight, and Ring door bell for more than a year now and they all work amazingly. I thought adding a floodlight to the system will be awesome but it turned out terrible. I had to jump around in the dark right in front of the light for more than 5 seconds in order to turn it on again. This maybe acceptable if it’s a battery light (to save battery life) but not for a wired light. I have to retun it and put back my old non-smart motion detection floodlight. I’m surpised that nobody reported this issue before but I believe Ring engineers can duplicate this problem easily.