Wired Doorbell and Chime setup shared users

Good afternoon

I have recently setup a ring wired doorbell using my ring account and phone. I have shared the device with my wife. We have now purchased a ring chime that needs to be setup and connected to the doorbell. I am away with my phone. Can this be successfully set up by my wife using her phone? I intend for the doorbell and chime to be on two separate networks due to their locations. I believe this to be ok but confirmation would be appreciated.

Hi @user19440. The Chime does not have to be at the same location as the Video Doorbell. The Chime has to be setup in the Ring app using the account owners login credentials. If your wife is the Shared User, you could have her login to your account and go through the Chime setup process if you are going to be away for an extended period of time. I hope this helps!